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Me? Inappropriate? Really?

Me? Inappropriate? Really?

Apparently so, according to the the moral majority of the WESTMINSTER WINDOW (for those who aren't aware of this upstanding newspaper, you aren't alone. Hell, most of the residents in the small community of Westminster, Colorado don't know about it either) has declared my book, CURSES! A F***ed Up Fairy Tale (not that they've read it, but judging a book by the cover is always the best indicator of moral content) inappropriate for their readers. They are a family newspaper after all, or so the editor who canceled the interview claimed.

Now I'm not annoyed because I took a day off work to do this interview, with a very nice reporter named Ashley, nope, my anger comes from this newspaper's shallow view of their readership. So my book implies the F-Bomb in the title. Big deal. Paris Hilton had a sex tape. Miley Cyrus smokes pot (allegedly). I bet even Tim Tebow has dropped an f-bomb or two (or not).

Hell, I'm sure over 3/4 of Westminster residents are, if not very familiar at least acquainted with, the word FUCK. Those who aren't live in the Amish part of Westminster.

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