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Buck Up, Princess

Feeling especially poor this holiday season? Well there is hope, in the form of a rich, abet stupid crop of princes looking for love in all the gold digging of places.

At, we can help you find your perfect (rich) prince just in time for those annoying holiday balls.

No Present This Christmas

The Ghost of Christmas Present was arrested last night for incandescent exposure after Villain Union Leader, Miss Muffet, complained that while she was sweetly sitting on her tuffet, he came down and sat beside her, scaring her nearly to death.

A bowl of unturned curds was the only evidence left at the scene. 

Prince Hospitalized

Prince Chaffing was hospitalized over the weekend for a wicked rash. Doctors suspect the condition was caused by too tight, tights.

The royal family had no comment.

Mirror Declared Incompetent

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall has been declared incompetent by a jury of his peers. Charges against the mirror were brought by Snow White after the mirror declared the Wicked Witch, "The fairest of them all."

The jury, made up of dwarfs, quickly rendered a guilty verdict.