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Mirror Mirror Deciding Vote in Beauty Contest

by Ross D. Willard
TV New Never News

Longtime celebrity bad-boy, Mirror Mirror finds himself embroiled in yet another scandal. Last week, Mirror Mirror, the guest judge in the New Never’s Next Top Model, cast the deciding vote that cinched Sleeping Beauty as this years winner.

Fans shouted foul when, a few days later, Mirror Mirror and Ms. Beauty were spotted out together. Ms. Beauty claims that her relationship with Mirror Mirror began after they met on NNNTP, but Snow White’s management contends that their budding relationship has put the integrity of the show in question, and are calling for a new final episode with a new celebrity judge.

Mirror Mirror has issued a statement of his own, calling Snow White a sore loser. In a personal interview, Mirror Mirror, leaning up against a wall, reaffirmed, “Sleeping’s the hottest of them all.”