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City Council Meeting on Banning Brooms ~ Cinderella Shocked!

By Ross D. Willard
Local Politics New Never News

I know, I know, the meetings are long, boring, and they still haven’t fixed the air conditioner, but if you own a broomstick, you’re going to want to make it to the next townhall meeting.

Let’s face it, New Never City is growing, and as the city gets bigger, problems that never came up before are now normal. There was a time when a flying pig could do loop de loops through the center of town with a blindfold on and nobody would bat an eye, but times have changed, and the sky that was once clear as far as the eye could see is now perpetually filled with witches on the way to work, flying livestock, even the occasional flying car.

While the city isn’t ready to put up floating cones and traffic signals, the increasing number of mid-air collisions and close calls had attracted the attention of authorities, and the meeting this weekend is meant to lay the groundwork for the changes that need to come. So if you commute to work on a broom, cloud, or winged shoes, or if you know someone who does, don’t let your voice go unheard.